Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 2921—2938

The nuclear localization signal-mediated nuclear targeting of herpes simplex virus 1 early protein UL2 is important for efficient viral production


Figure 1. Preliminary determination of the NLS and NES regions of UL2. (A) Schematic diagram of full-length UL2(1-334), UL2(1-224) and UL2(225-334) fused with an EYFP monomer at its N terminus. (B) Subcellular localization of UL2(1-334)-EYFP, UL2(1-224)-EYFP, UL2(225-334)-EYFP and EYFP in live COS-7 cells. (C) Bioinformatics analysis of potential NLS and NES of UL2. Blue color labelled residues represent potential NLS1 and NLS2. Red color labelled residues represent potential NES. All scale bars indicate 10 μm.