Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 2952—2973

Tfh cell subset biomarkers and inflammatory markers are associated with frailty status and frailty subtypes in the community-dwelling older population: a cross-sectional study

Figure 2. Comparison of the Tfh cell and subsets phenotype distributions in the CD4+T cell in old individuals categorized with modified frailty index. (N=689) (A) Gating strategy for Tfh cells and subsets. Representative sample is shown and numbers indicate population frequency. Comparison of the (B) Tfh cell, (C) Tfh1 cell, (D) Tfh2 cell, (E) Tfh17 cell, (F) ratio of Tfh2/Tfh1 cell and (G) ratio of Tfh2/Tfh17 cell proportions in the CD4+T cell by frailty groups in both female and male. *P < 0.05.