Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3156—3174

LncRNA MEG3 targeting miR-424-5p via MAPK signaling pathway mediates neuronal apoptosis in ischemic stroke

Figure 2. MiR-424-5p targeted with Sema3A and was lowly expressed in IS. (A) MiR-424-5p was among 11 miRNAs which both targeted Sema3A and related to MAPK signaling pathway. (B) The relative miR-424-5p expression declined with time of 6h, 12h, 24h of OGD/R treatment. *P<0.05 vs control. (C, D) The target relationship between Sema3A and miR-424-5p was predicted by Targetscan and verified by dual luciferase assay. *P<0.05 vs control. (E, F) Upregulation of miR-424-5p by miR-424-5p mimics led to lower Sema3A expression, while downregulation of miR-424-5p led to higher Sema3A expression. *P<0.05 vs control.