Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3156—3174

LncRNA MEG3 targeting miR-424-5p via MAPK signaling pathway mediates neuronal apoptosis in ischemic stroke

Figure 3. MEG3 was a highly expressed lncRNA in IS that bonded with miR-424-5p. (A) The heatmap from the microarray analysis of GSE22255 showed the significantly differentially expressed lncRNAs including MEG3 in the IS group. (B) MEG3 bound to miR-424-5p and was related to IS. (C) MEG3 expression was positively correlated with OGD/R intervention time. *P<0.05 vs control. (D) The target relationship between MEG3 and miR-424-5p was predicted and proved. *P<0.05 vs control (E) The effect of downregulation MEG3 by si-MEG3 was proved significant. *P<0.05 vs control. (F) MEG3 knockdown correlated with higher miR-424-5p expression. *P<0.05 vs control. (G) MEG3 knockdown correlated with lower Sema3A expression. *P<0.05 vs control.