Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 3 pp 3025—3041

Obg-like ATPase 1 (OLA1) overexpression predicts poor prognosis and promotes tumor progression by regulating P21/CDK2 in hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 2. OLA1 expression is correlated with clinicopathological features and poor prognosis. (A) OLA1 expression levels were significantly correlated with tumor size, PVTT, TNM stage and tumor differentiation. (B and C) OLA1 expression and several other clinical characteristics were analyzed by multivariate Cox regression analysis to determine whether they were independent prognostic factors in predicting the overall survival (OS) and disease-free survival (DFS) of HCC patients. (D) Overall survival and disease-free survival analysis of TCGA data. (E) Overall survival and disease-free survival curves for HCC patient groups seen in our clinical data.