Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3205—3217

MIR210HG promotes cell proliferation and invasion by regulating miR-503-5p/TRAF4 axis in cervical cancer

Figure 3. MIR210HG interacted with miR-503-5p in CC. (A) The information about MIR210HG. (B) Sequence alignments between miR-503-5p and seed sequence of the 3′-UTR of MIR210HG. (C) MiR-503-5p mimics reduced the luciferase activity of MIR210HG-Wt group. (D, E) MiR-503-5p expression was negatively correlated with MIR210HG expression in CC tissues. (F, G) RIP and pull-down assays verified the interaction between MIR210HG and miR-503-5p in CC. *P<0.05.