Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3205—3217

MIR210HG promotes cell proliferation and invasion by regulating miR-503-5p/TRAF4 axis in cervical cancer

Figure 4. The roles of miR-503-5p in CC progression. (A, D) MiR-503-5p expression was downregulated in CC tissues and cell lines. (B, C) Low miR-503-5p expression was associated with poor overall survival and disease-free survival in CC patients. (E) The overexpression efficiency of miR-503-5p was confirmed by qRT-PCR. (F, G) MiR-503-5p mimics reduced CC cell proliferation abilities. (H) MiR-503-5p mimics reduced CC cell invasion abilities. (I) MiR-503-5p mimics abolished the effects of MIR210HG on CC cell migration abilities. *P<0.05.