Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3298—3311

Berberine promotes XIAP-mediated cells apoptosis by upregulation of miR-24-3p in acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Figure 4. PIM-2 is a target of miR-24-3p. (A) The target microRNAs of PIM-2 were predicted by three prediction algorithms, TargetScan, miRanda and DIANA microT, and Venn diagram of overlap outcome between the prediction algorithms. (B) The expression profiles of microRNAs miR-306, miR-142, miR-75 and miR-24-3p in H9 and EU-4 cells. (C) The schematic diagram of the luciferase reporter gene plasmid containing the 3’-UTR of PIM-2 with predicted miR-24-3p target sites (Wild-type) or the mutated sites of 3’UTR of PIM-2 (Mutant). (D) The expression of miR-24-3p in HEK 293T cells transfected with miR-24-3p mimic (miR-24-3p) or negative control (Control). (E) The dual-luciferase reporter assay was performed in miR-24-3p-overexpressed HEK 293T cells. The numbers above the western blots band are the quantification of the gray value normalized to control group. Results are expressed as mean ± SD. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001, compared to H9 or Control group.