Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3354—3370

Cancer stem cell-specific expression profiles reveal emerging bladder cancer biomarkers and identify circRNA_103809 as an important regulator in bladder cancer

Figure 6. Comparison of results from microarray and qRT-PCR. qRT-PCR results of 6 mRNAs (XAGE5, COX7B2, MAGEB2, BHMT, PROM1 and SLCO1B3), 6 lncRNAs (RP11-332K15.1, XX-CR54.1, BC038578, LOC389023, SSTR5-AS1, and FAM99A), and 6 circRNAs (hsa_circRNA_103809, hsa_cirRNA_101368, hsa_cirRNA_102399, hsa_cirRNA_000639, hsa_cirRNA_001547, and hsa_cirRNA_400010) from the oncosphere formed bladder cancer cell line EJ (A) and T24 (B) were compared with the expression data gained from the microarray. The red column represents the fold change values obtained from microarray and the black column displays the fold change values of qRT-PCR.