Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3516—3557

Adaptive selection in the evolution of programmed cell death-1 and its ligands in vertebrates

Figure 5. (A) Chromosomal locations and positively selected sites of PD1, PDL1, and PDL2 genes. The chromosome number is indicated above each bar. The chromosome size is indicated by its relative length using the information from NCBI. The scale of the chromosome is millions of base pairs (Mb). Functional interaction network of PD1, PDL1 and PDL2 genes generated by the visualization environment of Consensus Path DB meta-database, after conserved synteny and functional enrichment analysis. The network of the PD1 gene contains 107 interactions and 62 physical entity nodes. The network of PDL1 contains 125 interaction and 55 physical entity nodes. The network of PDL2 contains 56 interaction and 22 physical entity nodes. Each node represents a physical entity (gene, protein or compound). Each edge represents an interaction.