Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3662—3681

Induction of apoptosis and ferroptosis by a tumor suppressing magnetic field through ROS-mediated DNA damage

Figure 1. MF exposure selectively inhibited the growth of various cancer cell lines. G401 and HEK293 (A) A549 and BEAS-2B (B) SGC-7901 and GES-1 (C) PANC-1 and HPDE6-C7 (D) cells were subjected to MF exposure protocol illustrated in Supplementary Table 1, or sham exposure, 2 h daily for 3 consecutive days. Inhibition rate on each day was calculated based on cell viability assays. Results are expressed as mean ± SD (n=5). *: P<0.05; **: P<0.01.