Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 5 pp 4111—4123

Long noncoding RNA LINC00461 induced osteoarthritis progression by inhibiting miR-30a-5p

Figure 4. LINC00461 directly interacted with miR-30a-5p in chondrocytes. (A) There are complementary binding sites in the 3′-UTR (untranslated region) between LINC00461 and miR-30a-5p. (B) The expression of miR-30a-5p was upregulated in chondrocytes treated with miR-30a-5p mimics. (C) Overexpression of miR-30a-5p decreased the luciferase activity of WT-LINC00461 (wild type) but not Mut-LINC00461. (D) The expression of LINC00461 was analyzed by using qRT-PCR assay. (E) Elevated expression of LINC00461 suppressed the expression of miR-30a-5p in chondrocytes. **p<0.01.