Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3713—3729

Identification of a lathyrane-type diterpenoid EM-E-11-4 as a novel paclitaxel resistance reversing agent with multiple mechanisms of action


Figure 1. The expression of P-gp and βIII-tubulin in cells. (A) Chemical structure of EM-E-11-4. (B) P-gp levels in A549 and A549/Tax cells. (C) βIII-tubulin levels in Hela and Hela/βIII cells. (D) The effect of P-gp siRNA on P-gp expression in A549/Tax cells. (E) The effect of TUBB3 siRNA on βIII-tubulin expression in Hela/βIII cells. Cells were treated with vehicle (negative control, NC) or siRNAs (P-gp siRNA, TUBB3-siRNA), and protein levels were determined by Western blot analysis.