Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3791—3806

Baicalin ameliorates neuropathology in repeated cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury model mice by remodeling the gut microbiota


Figure 9. Baicalin improves cognition and LTP in repeated cerebral ischemia-reperfusion model mice via remodeling of gut microbiota. (A) Preferential index in the testing phase of the novel object recognition test after 1h training, (B) latency in the testing phase, (C) time spent in the target quadrant during the Morris water maze test, and (D) average population spike amplitudes are shown for control, model group mice treated with antibiotics, and model group mice treated with antibiotics plus baicalin. Note: ** denotes P<0.01 and *** denotes P<0.001 compared with the control mice using one-way ANOVA analysis followed by the Dunnett`s post hoc test. All the values are expressed as means ± S.D. Each group had 15 mice (n=15).