Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 5 pp 4163—4177

Reduced Ca2+ spark activity contributes to detrusor overactivity of rats with partial bladder outlet obstruction


Figure 6. Effects of Ca2+ spark regulators on detrusor contractions were reversed by the regulation of BK channels in both control and DO detrusor strips. (A, B) Representative spontaneous contractions recorded in control (A) and DO (B) bladder strips after exposure to ryanodine (Ca2+ spark antagonist), caffeine (Ca2+ spark agonist), NS1619 (BK channel agonist) and iberiotoxin (BK channel antagonist). (C) Summary data for A and B, Frequency of spontaneous contractions was significantly increased by application of ryanodine in examinations of control detrusor strips and was decreased by caffeine in examinations of DO afflicted detrusor strips. The effects of ryanodine and caffeine on detrusor contractions were found to have been reversible by way of application of NS1619 or of iberiotoxin, respectively based upon examinations of the data from control and DO detrusor strips. We used one-way ANOVA for comparisons between treatment groups. VS control, *P < 0.05, and **P < 0.01; VS DO, Δ P < 0.05, and ΔΔ P < 0.01. NS=Not significant.