Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3862—3879

Acetate attenuates perioperative neurocognitive disorders in aged mice


Figure 6. Changes in inflammatory signaling pathways and oxidative stress markers in BV2 cells (n=5). (A) Representative bands display the protein levels of p-p65, p-p38, iNOS and NOX2 in BV2 cells. The levels of p-p65 and p-p38 were detected 1 h after LPS stimulation, while the levels of iNOS and NOX2 were examined 24 h after LPS stimulation. (B) Bar graphs depict the quantification of p-p65/p65, p-p38/p38, iNOS/β-actin and NOX2/β-actin in BV2 cells. Data are expressed as the mean±SEM, *P<0.05 vs. the control and acetate groups, #P<0.05 vs. the LPS group. ACE: acetate.