Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3880—3898

Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells-derived exosome-mediated microRNA-342-5p protects endothelial cells against atherosclerosis

Figure 1. Photos of collected samples and RNA-sequencing analysis of differentially expressed miRNAs and mRNAs in atherosclerosis. (A) The normal carotid artery from patients with accident (Healthy group) and atherosclerotic plaque collected from patients with atherosclerosis (Atherosclerosis) were photo’d by cellphone. (B) The heat map (Left panel) and volcano plot (Right panel) of differentially expressed miRNAs and (C) mRNAs in atherosclerosis by RNA-sequencing. Red plots stand for upregulated genes and green ones represent downregulated genes with absolute log2FC>1 and P < 0.05. Black ones indicate those non-significant expressed miRNAs or mRNAs. miRNA, microRNA; mRNA, messenger RNA; FC, fold change.