Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3936—3949

The circular RNA NT5E promotes non-small cell lung cancer cell growth via sponging microRNA-134


Figure 1. circNT5E is upregulated in human NSCLC tissues and cells. Total RNA was extracted from the described human tissues and cells, expression of circNT5E (A and B), miR-422a, miR-134 and miR-338 (CH) was tested by qPCR, with results normalized to U6 RNA. “Pat” stands for NSCLC patient number. Each tumor or epithelial tissue was randomly cut into five pieces, with expression of listed genes tested. Error bars stand for mean ± standard deviation (SD, n=5). * P < 0.05 vs. lung epithelial tissues (“N”)/cells (“Epi”). Experiments in this figure were repeated five times, and similar results were obtained.