Priority Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 4688—4710

ATM is a key driver of NF-κB-dependent DNA-damage-induced senescence, stem cell dysfunction and aging

Figure 6. Genetic reduction of Atm improves bone and intervertebral disc pathology in progeroid Ercc1-/Δ mice. (A) Representative micro-CT images of lumber spines comparing severity of osteoporosis in 16-week-old WT, Ercc1-/Δ, Ercc1-/ΔAtm+/- mice. n=3-5 per group. Quantification of vertebral porosity, trabecular number, trabecular separation, thickness of trabecular bone was performed and shown. (B) Safranin O staining for disc matrix in thoracic discs from 12-week-old Ercc1-/Δ and Ercc1-/ΔAtm+/- mice. (C) GAG content measured by DMMB assays with NP tissues isolated from 12-week-old lumber discs. n=3 each group. Mean+/- s.e.m. P value was determined using Student’s t-test. **p<0.01.