Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3950—3961

Advanced maternal age alters expression of maternal effect genes that are essential for human oocyte quality

Figure 2. scRNA-seq of younger and older matured human oocytes. (A) Scatter plot compares the amount of scRNA-seq gene expression (FPKM) between different biological replicates. The spearman correlation coefficients are shown. (B) DEGs between oocytes of younger (27.0 ± 1.0 years, n = 3) and older women (43.3 ± 2 years, n = 3) are shown in the volcano map. Genes that express higher (up-regulated) in older female oocytes are shown in red, and genes that are lower (down-regulated) are shown in blue. (C) The gene expression profile heat map divided 357 DEGs into two groups, with up-regulated expression (red) and down-regulated expression (blue) in older women. The color corresponds to the z-score per gene calculated from FPKM. (D) A total of 7 DEGs were selected for qRT-PCR validation, unpaired two-tailed t-test.