Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3976—3992

PKM2 suppresses osteogenesis and facilitates adipogenesis by regulating β-catenin signaling and mitochondrial fusion and fission


Figure 2. Impact of PKM2 on osteogenic differentiation of BMSCs. (A) BMSCs were cultured in osteogenic medium with or without DASA-58 (30μM) or C3k (0.15 μM). 7 days later, ALP staining detection was performed. (B) Alizarin red staining was performed after 14 days of treatment, and (C) ALP activity was measured after 7 days of treatment. (D) The relative expression of ALP, COL1, OPN and RUNX2 mRNA levels to GAPDH were detected on 7th day after the induction of basic or osteogenic medium in the presence or absence of DASA-58 (30μM) or C3k (0.15 μM). All the experiments were repeated independently at least 3 times. Data are represented as mean ± SD. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01 versus control group.