Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 5 pp 4641—4659

Effects of the probiotic formulation SLAB51 in in vitro and in vivo Parkinson’s disease models

Figure 10. Triple immunostaining at 20x magnification for Iba1, TH and GFAP, nuclei were counterstained with DAPI. On the left it is possible to appreciate mosaic figures, while on the right inset at higher magnification for TH, Iba1 and GFAP staining and merge figures were reported. Histograms for Iba1 show the number of Iba1 + cells, while for GFAP the fluorescence intensity, as % of controls, is plotted. ** p< 0.005 vs Ctr; + p< 0.05, ++ p< 0.005 vs 6-OHDA.