Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5048—5070

Using ESTIMATE algorithm to establish an 8-mRNA signature prognosis prediction system and identify immunocyte infiltration-related genes in Pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Figure 1. ESTIMATE algorithm identifies DEGs associated with stroma and immune scores. (A and B) Heatmaps displayed distinct mRNA expression forms and clinicopathological features between high and low stromal score groups (A) and between high and low immune score groups (B). (Primary tumor site: 1 for pancreas head, 2 for pancreas body, and 3 for other locations) (CE) The Venn diagram showed the simultaneously differentially expressed DEGs (C), the simultaneously upregulated differentially expressed DEGs (D), and the simultaneously downregulated differentially expressed DEGs (E) between stromal score and immune score groups. (F, G) CIBERSORT results showed the association between the infiltration levels of immune cells and the stromal-score level (F) and the immune-score level (G).