Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5121—5139

EMMPRIN/CD147 plays a detrimental role in clinical and experimental ischemic stroke

Figure 5. Histological and Cognitive outcomes are improved following anti-CD147 antibody administration. (A) Quantification of percent atrophy of brain slices 14 days following MCAO, p<0.05, n=9. (B) Representative cresyl violet images of IgG or anti-CD147 antibody administered slices, region of interest highlighted by red oval. (C) Neurological deficit scores were obtained at four time points over 14 days beginning with one-hour post onset of MCAO. Day 3 post MCAO anti-CD147 administered mice displayed improved NDS, p<0.05. By day 14 NDS were the same between both groups. (D) Corner testing revealed an effect of antibody treatment across two time points; day 3 and day 14, p<0.05. (E) Barnes maze testing highlighted improvement in spatial learning and memory in antibody treated mice compared to IgG control on day 14, p=0.03.