Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5121—5139

EMMPRIN/CD147 plays a detrimental role in clinical and experimental ischemic stroke

Figure 6. CD147 expression in the aged brain. (A) Representative dot plot of aged sham and stroke (72hr) brain; shows microglia and infiltrating myeloid cells. Representative dot plot of 72hr stroke brain; gated on myeloid cells, shows Ly6Chi monocytes, Ly6Clo monocytes, and Ly6G neutrophils. (B) Quantified counts at 72hr in stroke brain and sham microglia. (C) Quantified % CD147 positive cells in brain. (D) Absolute counts of CD147+ cells in brain, n=6. (E) Quantified %CD147 postive cells from blood. (F) Quantified expression level of MMP-9 on brain-infiltrating myeloid cells (and sham microglia).