Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5121—5139

EMMPRIN/CD147 plays a detrimental role in clinical and experimental ischemic stroke

Figure 7. CD147 blocking antibody reduced infarct volume and improved cognitive outcomes in aged male mice. (A) CD147 blocking antibody administration reduced the amount of atrophy witnessed in the aged brain following stroke compared to IgG control at day 14. (B) Representative cresyl violet stained brain slices. (C) Neurological deficit scores showed improvement at day 3 and day 14 following stroke. (D) Cognitive impairment, as measured by escape time on the Barnes Maze, was prevented in stroke mice that received CD147 blocking antibody. (E) Levels of pro-MMP-9 were reduced in stroke mice receiving blocking antibody. (F) Brain hemoglobin, a reflection of blood brain barrier breakdown and hemorrhagic transformation was decreased in blocking antibody treated mice.