Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5168—5182

Impaired brain network architecture in Cushing’s disease based on graph theoretical analysis

Figure 3. Rich Club regions distributions in CD patients and NC. (A) The hub nodes are shown with the node sizes indicating their nodal connection strength and rich club regions including the MTG.L, FFG.L, FFG.R, ITG.R, LING.L, LING.R, MOG.L, MOG.R, CUN.R, preCG.L, PreCG.R, PoCG.L, PoCG.R, SOG.L, PCUN.L, ITG.L, ROL.R. (B) The bar chart shows group differences in the rich-club, feeder, and local connection strengths. The bars and error bars represent the fitted values and the standard deviations, respectively.