Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5168—5182

Impaired brain network architecture in Cushing’s disease based on graph theoretical analysis

Figure 5. Correlation analysis of ACTH and parameters of brain network. No correlations were found in disease duration and global efficiency (r=0.084, p=0.732), local efficiency (r=-0.215, p=0.375), Lp (r=0.123, p=0.616), Cp (r=-0.243, p=0.315), λ (r=0.166, p=0.498), λ (r=-0.066, p=0.787), rich-club (r=-0.209, p=0.391), feeder (r=-0.241, p=0.320), local (r=-0.110, p=0.654). Elocal= local efficiency Cp=cluster efficiency, Lp= shortest path length.