Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5336—5351

Overexpressed ITGA2 contributes to paclitaxel resistance by ovarian cancer cells through the activation of the AKT/FoxO1 pathway

Figure 6. ITGA2 knockdown overcame drug-resistance induced by paclitaxel in ovarian cancers in vivo. (AC) After 72 hours postinfection, SKOV3 cells infected with sh-Control or sh-ITGA2 were subcutaneously injected into nude mice. Mice with subcutaneous SKOV3 tumors (n = 5/group) were treated with or without PTX (7.5 mg/ kg) for five consecutive days per week were harvested and photographed (a) on day 21. Data on tumor volume (B) and tumor mass (C) were shown as means ± SD (n = 5). sh-Control group was compared with sh-ITGA2 group or PTX group, sh-ITGA2 group was compared with sh-ITGA2+PTX group. Statistical analyses were performed with two-way ANOVA followed by Sidak's multiple comparison's tests. ns, not significant; ***, P < 0.001.