Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5439—5468

Identification of hub genes in hepatocellular carcinoma using integrated bioinformatic analysis

Figure 10. Correlation between levels of hub genes and immune cell infiltration and identification of three hub genes. (AC) Correlation between CDK1 (A), FEN1 (B), and KPNA2 (C) levels and immune cell infiltration in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tissues. Each dot represents a sample in the TCGA cohort. (DF) KPNA2 (D), TARBP1 (E), and RNASEH2A (F) mRNA levels in normal, cirrhosis, and HCC samples from GSE89377. (GH) Analysis of the correlation between three-hub gene expression signatures and overall survival (OS) (G) or disease-free survival (DFS) (H) for HCC patients of the TCGA cohort. (I) HCC patients could be effectively distinguished from healthy controls by principle component analysis (PCA) based on expression of the three genes.