Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5479—5499

Prognostic values of immune scores and immune microenvironment-related genes for hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 12. Measurement of TMC8, BIN2 and SPOCK2 at mRNA and protein level in our cohort. (A, B) Relative mRNA levels of TMC8 and BIN2 in 10 HCC samples were both overexpressed compared with matched normal samples by qRT-PCR. (C) Representative western blotting images showed protein expression of TMC8, BIN2 and SPOCK2 were overexpressed in HCC tissue than those in normal liver tissue. (DF) Western blotting analysis demonstrated that mean greyscale of TMC8, BIN2 and SPOCK2 were all higher in 10 fresh-frozen HCC tissues compared with those in matched adjacent normal liver tissues. (G) Representative immunohistochemical staining images of TMC8, BIN2 and SPOCK2, which were all mainly expressed in the cytoplasm. Original magnification: x200. (HJ) Mean protein expression of TMC8, BIN2 and SPOCK2 in 35 HCC were all significantly higher compared with those in adjacent non-tumour tissue by immunohistochemistry. MAD: mean areal density.