Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 8858—8879

GSG2 (Haspin) promotes development and progression of bladder cancer through targeting KIF15 (Kinase-12)

Figure 6. KIF15 knockdown alleviated the promotion of bladder cancer by GSG2 overexpression. (A, B) The mRNA and protein levels of GSG2 and KIF15 in T24 cells in NC(OE+KD) and GSG2+shKIF15 groups were detected by qPCR (A) and western blotting (B), respectively. (C) KIF15 knockdown reversed the promotion of cell proliferation of T24 cells by GSG2 overexpression. (D) KIF15 knockdown attenuate the effects of GSG2 overexpression on colony formation ability of T24 cells. (E) The slightly inhibited cell apoptosis of T24 cells by GSG2 overexpression was reversed by KIF15 knockdown. (F, G) The GSG2 overexpression induced promotion of cell migration of T24 cells detected by wound-healing (D) and Transwell (E) assays was alleviated by KIF15 knockdown. All data were collected from at least three independent experiments and were normalized to corresponding negative control for facilitating comparison. The figures are representative data from at least three independent experiments. The data were expressed as mean ± SD (n ≥ 3), *P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001.