Priority Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 7 pp 5612—5624

Supraphysiological protection from replication stress does not extend mammalian lifespan

Figure 3. Increased incidence of spontaneous tumors in Chk1Tg, Rrm2Tg and Chk1Tg;Rrm2Tg mice compared to WT littermates. (A) Tumor incidence in WT (n=22), Chk1Tg (n=19), Rrm2Tg (n=27) and Chk1Tg;Rrm2Tg (n=24) mice subjected to necropsy. The differences observed in tumor incidence were not statistically significant according to the Chi-square test; (B) H&E and CD3e IHC staining of mouse spleens with tumor found with necropsy. Tumors are CD3e positive. Scale bar indicates 200 μm.