Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 7717—7728

Resveratrol attenuates doxorubicin-induced meiotic failure through inhibiting oxidative stress and apoptosis in mouse oocytes

Figure 1. Effect of different concentrations of DXR and RES on oocyte meiotic maturation. (A) Microscopy images of oocytes morphologies in control, DXR treatment and RES-supplemented group, oocytes exhibited bigger first polar body (black arrowhead) after DXR treatment. Bar = 200 μm. (B) The oocyte maturation rate was recorded in control and DXR treatment groups. (C) Effect of different concentrations of RES on oocyte maturation in DXR-treated oocytes. The number of oocytes used was shown above the according column. (D) The rate of abnormal meiosis was recorded in control, DXR and RES-supplemented oocytes. All experiments were repeated at least 3 times with more than 30 oocytes examined for each experimental condition. Results were represented as means ± SEMs. * means P < 0.05, **means P < 0.01, *** means P < 0.001.