Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 8913—8922

HIX003209 promotes vascular smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation through modulating miR-6089

Figure 6. miR-6089 targets the HIX003209 3’-UTR. (A) The expression of miR-6089 was measured by qRT-PCR analysis. (B) There were binding sites between miR-6089 and HIX003209 using Starbase ( (C) Dual luciferase analysis showed that miR-6089 overexpression decreased luciferase activity of HIX003209 WT-type 3’-UTR but not the mut-type 3’-UTR. (D) Overexpression of HIX003209 suppressed the expression of miR-6089 in VSMCs compared to control group. (E) Ectopic expression of miR-6089 decreased the HIX003209 expression in VSMCs compared to scramble group.. **p<0.01.