Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 7761—7773

MicroRNA-1298-3p inhibits proliferation and invasion of glioma cells by downregulating Nidogen-1

Figure 6. NID1 is a direct binding target of miR-1298-3p. (A, B) Sequence alignment of miR-1298-3p with the binding sites within the WT or MT regions of NID1. (C) Luciferase activity in U87MG cells following co-transfection with NID1-WT/MT 3’-UTR plasmid and miR-1298-3p agonist measured using dual luciferase reporter assay. (D) RT-qPCR of NID1 levels in U87MG cells transfected with miR-1298-3p agonist. (E) Western analysis of NID1, E-cadherin, and vimentin protein levels in U87MG cells. (FH) The relative expression of NID1, E-cadherin, and vimentin in U87MG cells normalized to β-actin; **P < 0.01 compared with the NC group.