Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 7801—7817

Age-related shifts in gut microbiota contribute to cognitive decline in aged rats

Figure 6. Effect of FMT on cognition in young recipient rats. (A) Effect of FMT on cognitive behavior by DMTP task; n = 12. (B) Images of brain slices showing regions with lower ReHo in FMT group compared with NFMT group (n = 20, voxel level < 0.005, cluster level < 0.05 GRF corrected, and clusters > 50 voxels). Blue denotes decreased ReHo; the color bars indicated the T value between two groups. (C) Synaptic structures of mPFC and hippocampus in NFMT and FMT rats. n = 3. (D) Histograms of synaptic structure parameters. n = 3. (E) Expression of synaptophysin in mPFC and hippocampus. (FI) Golgi staining in NFMT and FMT rats (n = 3). Representative Golgi staining images of mPFC (F) and hippocampus (G) demonstrating impregnation of neurons. (H) Representative images of dendritic spines. (I) Histogram of dendritic spines densities; * P < 0.05 and ** P < 0.01 versus the NFMT group.