Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 8923—8938

Influence of human amylin on the membrane stability of rat primary hippocampal neurons

Figure 3. Long-term effects of 10 μM hAmylin on the morphology of hippocampal neurons. (A) Typical images of cultured hippocampal neurons were captured in fresh medium with or without 10 μM hAmylin at different time points. (B) The survival percentages in the control (n = 108) and 10 μM hAmylin (n = 126) groups. ***p < 0.001 versus control group (Gehan-Breslow-Wilcoxon test). (C, D) MAP2 (a neuronal marker) (C) and PSD95 (a synapse marker) (D) were used to detect morphological changes in neurons at different time points of hAmylin incubation. (EH) Cell size (E), neurite length (G), neurite number (F) and synapse number (H) were measured. After the neurons had been incubated for 4 h with 10 μM hAmylin, their synapse numbers (p < 0.001) and neurite lengths (p < 0.05) were significantly reduced. After 9 h of incubation, the cell sizes (p < 0.001) and neurite numbers (p < 0.01) were significantly reduced.