Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 7963—7984

Metabolic switching is impaired by aging and facilitated by ketosis independent of glycogen


Figure 1. Dietary implementation. (A) Ketogenic (KD) and standard diet (SD) macronutrient compositions. (B) Weight significantly differed across age groups throughout the study, but most notably was significantly different in ad libitum (AL) fed rats relative to time restricted fed (TRF) rats. (C) The number of kcal significantly differed across the two feeding methods, as ad libitum-fed rats consumed at a slower rate than TRF rats, but consumed significantly more during a 24 hour period. Dotted line indicates kcal allotment given to TRF groups (~51 kcal). Data are represented as group mean {plus minus}1 standard error of the mean (SEM). In panels (B, C) ad libitum n = 6 young, n = 5 aged; TRF standard diet n = 7 young, n = 5 aged; TRF ketogenic diet n = 7 young, n = 4 aged.