Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 7963—7984

Metabolic switching is impaired by aging and facilitated by ketosis independent of glycogen


Figure 10. Glucagon, glucose and BHB response to epinephrine change as a function of advancing age. (A) Glucagon levels were not influenced by KD implementation. In rats of this strain there is not an age-related impairment in the glucose response to epinephrine at 24 months, but there is as 33 months in both (B) glucose and (C) BHB following epinephrine injections. Data are represented as group mean ± 1 SEM, * = p < 0.05. In panel A: TRF standard diet n = 4 young, n = 4 aged; TRF ketogenic diet n = 5 young, n = 4 aged. In panels B-C: ad libitum n = 6 young, n = 10 aged, n = 5 advanced age.