Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8049—8066

Growth differentiation factor-11 supplementation improves survival and promotes recovery after ischemic stroke in aged mice

Figure 6. Exogenous GDF11 increased angiogenesis in older mice after stroke. (A) representative images showing lectin stain and inset shows quantitatively measured region using Angio tool software (Magnification 20X), (B) vessel percentage area, (C) total number of junctions, (D) total vessel length was increased in the MCAo rGDF11 treated older mice, (E) representative images showing BrdU and lectin stain in the treatment groups, BrdU/lectin+ cells and BDNF/lectin+ cells in the treatment groups, (F) increase in BDNF/lectin+ cells in the rGDF11MCAo group. Magnification 20X (Lectin/BrdU+ cells) magnification 63X (Lectin/BDNF+ cells). Scale bar 20μm. n= 5-6, *p<0.05.