Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 8953—8967

Valproic acid-labeled chitosan nanoparticles promote recovery of neuronal injury after spinal cord injury

Figure 4. VA-CN reduced astrocytic reactivity in the injuried spinal cord grey matter. Levels of astrocytic reactivity was estimated by double immunostaining for GFAP and nestin. (A) Confocal images of injury sites analyzed for overlap of GFAP (red), nestin (green) and Dapi (blue), Scale bar: 50 μm. (B) The astrocytic reactivity was quantified by GFAP+nestin+ cells, n=6 per group, * p<0.05, *** p<0.001 VS SCI group, ### p<0.001 VS Sham group, ## p<0.01 VS Sham group, # p<0.05 VS Sham group.