Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8167—8190

Lycopene prevents carcinogen-induced cutaneous tumor by enhancing activation of the Nrf2 pathway through p62-triggered autophagic Keap1 degradation


Figure 3. Predicted mechanism for the role of lycopene in the promotion phase of cutaneous tumor. (A) Identification of cutaneous tumor related targets by existing microarray data. 92 different expression genes identified were highly related to promotion phase of cutaneous tumor. Upper color bar represents sample classes. P< 0.05, FC>1.5 was considered as the cutoff value. (B) ClueGO pathway analysis of the candidate lycopene targets. Functionally grouped network of enriched categories was generated for the target genes. GO terms are represented as nodes, and the node size represents the term enrichment significance. Functionally related groups partially overlap. Only the most significant term in the group was labeled. Representative enriched pathway (P<0.05) interactions among candidate lycopene targets.