Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8241—8260

Long-noncoding RNA MALAT1 sponges microRNA-92a-3p to inhibit doxorubicin-induced cardiac senescence by targeting ATG4a

Figure 1. Exosomes derived from MSCs pretreated with hypoxia had a better cardioprotective effect. Confirmation of exosomal collection using TEM, NTA, and Western blot analysis. (A) Representative TEM image. (B) Size range of exosomes checked by NTA analysis. (C) Representative Western blot images showing that the exosomal marker CD63, CD81, Flotillin, and Tsg101 were highly expressed in exosome and exosomeHypoxia. β-actin in MSC lysate was examined. (D and E) Cell cycle distribution was analyzed. (F and G) p53 and p21 mRNA levels were analyzed using qRT-PCR. (HJ) p53 and p21 protein levels were analyzed using Western blot analysis. (K) Representative images of SA-β-gal staining. (L) Percentage of β-gal-positive cells. Each column represents the mean ± SD of three independent experiments. *P < 0.05 versus control; P < 0.05 versus Dox + exosomeHypoxia.