Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8301—8320

Long non-coding RNA CCAT1 promotes colorectal cancer progression by regulating miR-181a-5p expression

Figure 3. CCAT1 and miR-181a-5p was negative correlative. (A) The expression level of miR-181a-5p was upregulated by transfecting the miR-181a-5p mimics and was downregulated by transfecting the miR-181a-5p inhibitor into both HT-29 and HCT 116 cells. (B) After transfection of si-CCAT1-2 and si-CCAT1-1 in HT-29 and HCT 116 cells, the expression of miR-181a-5p was significantly upregulated. (C) Transfection of miR-181a-5p mimics or inhibitor could not reversely affect the expression of CCAT1. (D) The correlation between CCAT1 and miR-181a-5p expression level was measured in 50 CRC tissues. All assays were performed three times. **P<0.01, compared with NC group.