Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8321—8338

Mitochondria-related miR-574 reduces sperm ATP by targeting ND5 in aging males

Figure 4. MiR-574 depletion relieved mitochondrial dysfunction and increased cellular ATP production. (A) MiR-574 was upregulated in GC2 cells by treatment with D-gal (50 mmol/L) and reduced after miR-574 inhibitor addition. (B) D-gal significantly inhibited the ATP levels, and miR-574 inhibitor alleviated D-gal induced ATP decrease. (C) The mitochondrial membrane potential of the D-gal group was significantly inhibited compared with control groups, and miR-574 inhibitor mitigated the D-gal induced mitochondrial membrane potential abnormalities, as assayed by flow cytometry. (D, E) D-gal significantly increase the cellular ROS and 8-OHdG levels, and miR-574 inhibitor relieved this increase. The nuclei were stained with 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI). Scale bar=100 μm.