Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8397—8412

EFEMP2 indicates assembly of M0 macrophage and more malignant phenotypes of glioma

Figure 5. EFEMP2 is closely correlated with immune microenvironment of glioma. (A) Top 20 KEGG pathways derived from Gene Ontology analyses for EFEMP2 in CGGA and TCGA dataset. Thirteen KEGG pathways are overlap between the top 20 pathways of each dataset. (B) Pearson correlation analysis of EFEMP2 expression levels and immune responses in CGGA and TCGA datasets. Color depth and width of the bands represent the degrees of correlation. (C) Component types of the immune cells infiltrated into glioma are analyzed with CIBERSORT in CGGA and TCGA datasets.