Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9014—9030

miR-125a-5p inhibits glycolysis by targeting hexokinase-II to improve pulmonary arterial hypertension

Figure 3. (A) Increased expression of HK2 in PH induced by MCT. (B) Overexpress HK2 lentivirus and differential MICRORNA screening. PASMCs were transfected in vitro and screened for negatively correlated miRNA molecules with HK-II expression. The control group and PASMCs overexpressing HK2 were detected by miRNA gene expression profiling. (C) Regulated gene expression of cell proliferation was significantly active. sequence-based miRNA target gene prediction methods was applied. The number of target genes predicted by this differential miRNA using MIRANDA was 2432. Based on the number of genes contained in differentially significant function and their degree of enrichment in the database, a targeted map can be created for significant function according to enrichment order. In the figure, the ordinate is the function of differential gene, and the abscissa is enrichment. Each column on the graph represents a significant differential gene function. The greater the difference in gene function, the higher the ranking. (D) Tumor-associated metabolism was active through expression. Pathway analysis was based on the KEGG database. Fisher's exact test and chi-square test were used for differential genes. Based on the analysis results, significantly up-regulated gene pathway can be used to construct a map of differential gene pathways. The ordinate is the name of differential gene pathway, and the abscissa is negative logarithm of p value (-LgP). The larger the value, the smaller the p value.