Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9014—9030

miR-125a-5p inhibits glycolysis by targeting hexokinase-II to improve pulmonary arterial hypertension

Figure 6. (A) The mPAP data were collected and Rated by Powerlab-ML221 (AD Instruments, New South Wales, Australia). (B) RVHI was assessed by weighing the RV separately from the left ventricle (LV) with the septal wall (SW). (C) Paraffin-embedded sections were prepared and stained with hematoxylin and eosin (H&E). (DJ)Pulmonary arterioles between 50 and 200 μm in external diameter (ED) were chosen for morphological analysis. Wall thickness (WT) and ED of pulmonary arteries were measured using IPP 6.0 image analysis software (Media Cybernetics). The remodeling of pulmonary arterioles was calculated as WT% = 2 x WT/ED x100%. The probe of color Doppler ultrasound system GE vivid-E9 was placed next to the sternum and measured the pulmonary artery acceleration time (PAAT), right ventricular end thickness (RVWT), right ventricular end systolic diameter (RVESD), right ventricular end diastolic diameter (RVEED), tricuspid annular systolic excursion (TAPSE). The data measured by 3 cardiac cycles is generally taken and averaged. (*P<0.05, compared with control group, #P<0.05, compared with PH group)