Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8565—8582

Implications of maraviroc and/or rapamycin in a mouse model of fragility


Figure 4. Muscle expression of insulin receptor substrate (1, 2), sirtuin (1-3), caspase-3, and nuclear factor KB at the RNA level. No differences were observed after analyzing (A) IRS-1, (B) IRS-2, (C) SIRT-1, (D) SIRT-3, or (E) SIRT-6. (F) Although caspase-3 was lower in all the therapeutics groups it was only statistically significant in MVC and RAPA groups. No differences were observed after analyzing (G) NFKB-1 and (H) NFKB-2. Each bar represents the mean ± SEM. *p <0.05 with respect to control. IRS, insulin receptor substrate. MVC, maraviroc. MVC+RAPA, maraviroc plus rapamycin. NFKB, nuclear factor KB. RAPA, rapamycin. SIRT, sirtuin.